All of them! One of the best things about motorcycles is their ability to attract almost anyone from anywhere; from your inner city business executive to your hard yakka country worker, we all share the same passion! One riders dream bike can be another riders nightmare.

Luckily for all riders, we have the freedom of choice and the power to customise to a personal taste and style. Here at Daytona Motorcycles we love to see individualism and personality reflected by the style and performance of the bike. We believe the best motorcycle is the one you can easily picture yourself on, and enjoy throwing your leg over.

One of the great things about the motorcycle lifestyle is the large number of bikes to choose from, and so many different types of bikes, so you can find what you want in your price range.

As for ‘whats the best bike to buy’, the answer to that question is what suits your needs and budget. It is true there are some bikes that require more maintenance and benefit from an owner who has an understanding of what owning a “high maintence’ bike means, and the type of buyer who is looking at a specialised or high performance bike will understand this. Most bikes, if given regular quality servicing, are reliable and durable.

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