So, what kind of workshop is Daytona Motorcycles?

Daytona Motorcycles offers the highest level of quality in motorcycle maintenance servicing, performance tuning, bike building and beyond. With all the practical capabilities of an experienced mechanic, Daytona Motorcycles operates with a depth of industry understanding. The philosophy is to avoid any manner of dodgy practice, sometimes described as ‘fit parts mechanics’ or ‘time is money mechanics’.

Daytona Motorcycles is NOT a ‘Fit Parts Mechanic’
The Fit Parts Mechanic has a lazy approach to problem solving; preferring to replace parts in hope it will fix the problem, rather than properly diagnosing the exact cause and making an accurate correction to the vehicle’s function. Unfortunately customers aren’t always aware that their mechanic is costing them extra money due to inefficient practices. Daytona Motorcycles is proud to say they’re not a Fit Parts Mechanic!

Daytona Motorcycles in NOT a ‘Time is Money Mechanic’
Every business operates to turn a profit. However a service-based business needs to balance their care and attention to detail, with the haste by which the work is performed. Too many mechanics are focused on haste rather than following industry best practice; they allocate unrealistic deadlines, putting your bike at risk of being damaged. Daytona Motorcycles guarantees a high level of care and attention to all work, and a policy of clear communication with customers. Any necessary work is discussed and carried out at the customer’s demand.

Daytona Motorcycles is Western Sydney’s Unbeatable Motorcycle Mechanic!
Daytona Motorcycles acknowledges all the potential shortfalls in operating a successful mechanical workshop. The aim is to provide an honest and reliable service with an expert level of detail. No bike is created the same but all customers are treated equal! Daytona Motorcycles’ philosophy is for all customers to enjoy the best possible performance out of their bikes, at a very reasonable and competitive price.

Facts tell. Stories sell. Consider a professional opinion.
Online motorcycle forums are great – people around the world sharing their bike stories, individual settings and personal recommendations. Similarly with any kind of diagnosis or advice via the Internet, it’s important that you thoughtfully assess the information you retrieve and consult an industry professional before taking any kind of action. The World Wide Web has blurred the line between fact and opinion – when it comes to reliable information, customers can rely on Daytona Motorcycles.

Our mechanical services cater for almost all kinds of riders and motorcycles. We service motorcycles for racing and recreation, road and dirt, beginners to advanced riders – collectors, enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike.

We guarantee all our work and promise your satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our satisfaction guarantee.


Paul, and The Team at Daytona Motorcycles

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