A minor service.

A minor service is an oil and filter change, plus checking the lights, levels, tyre pressures, battery and charging system, a spanner check on key bolts and fasteners, checking the cooling system, and clutch adjustment. The chain is also adjusted, lubed, and aligned. On shaft drive bikes, the final drive oil is usually changed.

A regular, or Minor service on most bikes over 500cc is $310.00. This covers the regular items done on a regular service. There may vary according to things like if extra work is required, how much oil the motor takes, and on some bikes, like BMW and Harley Davidson, and shaft drive bikes, where there are seperate transmission and final drive oils to drain and refill.

A service on a scooter or basic small motorcycle (like a Honda CB125E or similar) is around $160.00. This may vary according to make and model, and any further work required.

Tune and Service.

The next step is a Tune and Service, which is all of the above, plus changing spark plugs, and replacing or cleaning and re-oiling the air filter as required. The idle mixture and idle speed are checked and adjusted and the carburettors or throttle bodies are synchronised (where applicable), and the fuel filter is replaced as required. This usually requires the removal of the fuel tank and fairing panels. A service of this type would be around $450.00 to $500.00.


Major Service

A major service is all of the work listed above, plus changing the brake fluid and coolant, checking valve clearances, (and adjusting if required), plus other work as required. This is a very thorough service and is recommended every 40,000 km or so, depending on manufacturers recommendations. This service can run to around 4 to 6 hrs, and is around the $700 to $900 for most larger road bikes.

Wheels and tyres

To remove a wheel, remove and replace the tyre, balance the wheel, and refit to the bike, is $55 per wheel.

On a loose wheel, (that is, one you have removed), to remove and replace tyre, and balance the wheel, is $30.00


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